Honeycomb hotel


Nanjing Honeycomb Hotel is located at the top of Nanjing laoshan. The hotel concept is ecological restoration, and the design inspiration comes from honey, a well-known brand in Laoshan area. Its gross area is approximately eighty-five thousand square meters. Two stone lions lie prone on both sides of the hotel, like a patronus, a symbol of protecting one side of the peace. The room design of Nanjing Honeycomb hotel is unique, and the space continues the honeycomb hotel's public space design and streamlined overall design approach. There are 176 theme rooms and 320 business rooms. Meanwhile, the hotel is building an all-Asia cliff infinity pool and cliff rooms. The plane of the banquet hall presents an oval shape, implying perfection. The whole hall area of 2000 square meters, can accommodate more than 1000 luxurious banquet, metope USES the array design technique, and the overall space to unify, agate stones used in luxurious feeling of the space is reflected in the adornment of metope, ceiling design was inspired by a butterfly, four vertical tail lamp type just like bees needle, with the hotel theme echoes.

The Beehive hotel is a futuristic building with a magical and colorful look. Where the landscape is in harmony, the building is built along the cliff overlooking the city; With egrets hovering in the mist and clouds, the hotel is surrounded by waterfalls, which pour down 100 meters from Yinchuan and fall in the bright lobby, just like a fairyland garden. The giant stone lions on both sides of the hotel were carved for the destroyed mountain. After more than 2 years, they were carefully carved and polished by more than 200 stonemasons. They are lifelike and breathtaking.

The hotel covers an area of 81 acres, about 500 guest rooms, beautiful hot spring, helipad, extreme sports, cliff infinity pool, creating a super five-star resort extraordinary experience. "Let life away from the city, let life back to nature, let the heart find balance." Honeycomb hotel's overall design style and the original ecological natural environment complement each other, for guests to create a comfortable stay. 

Hotel service problems, including invoices, catering, vouchers, items lost, check-in deposit, please contact the hotel switchboard: 025-58201888


Palace of bee

Layers of crystal chandeliers, the left and right sides of the hollow rest area, honeycomb as the prototype to create the streamlined design of the hotel lobby space grand and dynamic.

Simba in the east, Nana in the north

Stone lion by more than 100 carvers spent more than two years to the original stone carved into the mountain.

Stone mountain stone lion, lifelike, like the patron saint of the hotel.

Dream parent-child theme room


Hotel Deluxe Suite


Honeycomb hall


Boya West restaurant with 180 degree panoramic view window