Park project

All adventurers, welcome to The Dragon Valley of Nanjing. Here we will start a journey to find the dragon, challenge the unknown fantasy world together, and experience the endless fun full of magic, adventure and excitement! Among them, dragon Valley Town, Fantasy Future, Secret Rainforest, Storm water world and Dragon Valley are five magical parks with their own magical powers, as well as the unknown hidden in the depths of the Dragon Valley, waiting for us to uncover the mystery of The Dragon Valley of Huachang.

Backflip studios town

Above the sky and the earth when the dragon valley dragon chop and change, such as newly hatched silkworm, stretch to day, sometimes appeared in the cloud, sometimes invisible into the abyss, there is a variety of legend human, people worship nature, respect divine power, dragon is regarded as sacred and supporting the obsidian twelve stars of the sky into the spirit of dragon meet people will inherit the divine power of the dragon, "t tour" was officially opened.

Fantasy future

The vast universe and starry sky are fully integrated with future technology. The museum uses sound and electricity to create a magnificent space science fiction scene, and with participation, experience and interactive entertainment and film experience equipment, explorers can immerse themselves in it, and feel the deep mystery of the universe.

Forest land

The museum is densely covered with all kinds of vegetation and flowers, as if you are in a tropical rainforest wonderland. In the atrium, a giant tree of life, more than 20 meters high, with camphor as the base of the tree, like a sword stabbing the blue sky, the feeling of shock leaped to my heart; Set foot on the drifting raft to start the drifting journey, go deep into the dark abyss, toss and turn in the secret state of the torrent, experience the game between man and nature; In the rain forest shuttles the dense forest tour dragon, the tourist explores the mysterious relics under the full of the potential crisis, discovers the incredible miracle, interprets the explorer's intrepid spirit.

Storm Water World

Legend has it that the treasure map contains the secrets of the mysterious ruins, where the temples are said to be huge and magnificent, piled with gold and silver. The dragon possessed countless treasures. It swam in the sea of glittering gold and silver, but it could not escape the eternal curse of greed. Great wealth attracts a large number of pirates, they occupy the storm race, established pirate towns, enslaved the people to find the secrets of the treasure, adventure warriors, can you help them to drive the pirates away?

At this time, the hurricane Bay is undulating with clear blue waves, and the sunshine is reflected on the coast. It is beautiful and mysterious, and the colorful fish will lead you forward. If you have the courage, you can unlock the mysterious journey together, and open your adventure here!

On the valley

Dragon pond mountain, surrounded by mountains, the central pool, the group of dragons.

Cave wonderland

Various forms of natural stalagmites, stone flowers, stone columns by the overall cutting transport installation, to show visitors the nature of the magic of uncanny craftsmanship. Dream of the crystal bridge winding bright crystal stone in the light shine, flashing a dazzling light; The water surges and plays the beautiful music of the jingling bell, tourists can enjoy the scenery along the tour path, feel the unique karst cave cultural journey, have a unique flavor, here will become the future of the net red punch point.

Treasure Museum

Treasures museum area of about 5212 square meters, the exhibition is divided into cloisonne art, inset jades (f), root carving art, pot culture, mammoth.chinese, porcelain culture and ancient Ming and qing dynasty furniture and so on seven big exhibition, museum around the tenet of "aesthetic education, literacy", to develop this display interaction and academic exchanges, cultural heritage, such as work, should make full use of its advantages in cultural relics collection, Adhere to the "effective protection, rational utilization, exhibition with education", the principle of the custody, collection scientific research and propaganda and education function of organic combination, formed the historical figures and natural art complement each other, hand in photograph reflect display system, from various angles, side reveal the rich cultural content of the collection, show the essence of human civilization.